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Value Proposition

Why us? (CardioScribes in a nutshell)

    Facilities and services provided by CardioScribes:


  • State-of-the-art computer systems and software specially designed and developed to provide comprehensive and end-to-end solutions for professional medical transcriptions.
  • Proven records of accomplishment with highly satisfied clients that bring in return business, reaffirm the quality of our services, and underline the worth of our core philosophy of Customer-centricity
  • Seamless, customized, cost-effective and timely cardio transcription solutions across multiple locations and healthcare facilities, irrespective of the organization size
  • Comprehensive and customized solutions that meet each cardio specialties unique requirements – transcription services, dictation systems, software development, EMR interface development, billing/coding and voice recognition integration
  • A team of 70+ experts ready to serve with an absolute customer-centric and can-do attitude. The team includes transcriptionists, customer care representatives, programmers, account managers and sales associates.
  • Six Sigma quality principles infused in all aspects of our services and business processes, based on customer needs with regard to C.A.R.D.I.O scribing to ensure strict quality control procedures that exceed your requirements and expectations.

C.A.R.D.I.O scribes stands for Cost-effective, Accurate and Robust Document management by Integrating Off-site transcribing.

Catering to a specialty area of medical transcription, CardioScribes provides comprehensive solutions for all your transcription needs; from capture of audio files to auto routing to transcriptionists to delivering carefully edited documents back to you. Our web based electronic cardio transcription services cover the extensive needs of varied professionals associated with top-notch hospitals, clinics, individual and group cardiology practices and treatment centers as well as rehabilitation units.