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Success Stories

Once upon a time or perhaps, long, long, ago are the two most common beginnings for traditional stories. However, that refers only to fairy tales. Here, in the real world, when help is needed in a heartbeat; and qualified medical transcriptionists are called for to deliver timely, accurate and cost-effective solutions, there is one name that comes to mind: CardioScribes!

These are real people, who benefited from the professional expertise and personalized attention of Cardio transcription. Over to them for our success stories, in the words of those that helped us achieve a good measure of it:

1. Cardiology practice in Ohio
2. Cardiology practice in North Carolina
3. Cardiology practice in Missouri
4. Cardiology practice in Georgia

Cherie (Director of Operations)

CardioScribes takes extreme pride in introducing one of our valued clients, Cherie, who took our services forward by way of placing her project and trust in us. Here is what she has to say-

“CardioScribes came as the answer to my prayers and they took away the very cause of my Medical Transcription worries - (un)timely completion of work, gross errors in transcribed reports and (no) replies to my phone calls and emails. CardioScribes has provided a great return on my investment in terms of time, efforts and money .”

A daily headache is what my previous vendor gifted me without fail, and CardioScribes has, very successfully, provided the antidote for that - with completely customized solutions for all professional, value-based cardio-transcription needs.

CardioScribes has put a whole new meaning to the term, professional medical transcription, with their ‘Customer-centricity' motto. It permeates into all levels of their management, IT support, customer service and medical transcription team. At CardioScribes, my previous vendor issues took backstage as prompt and accurate, focused attention to detail greeted me and I realized switching to CardioScribes was the best change I could make for my company - and I say this, based on my 24 years in the business.

The team at CardioScribes took the time to explain any issues that I did not understand in regards to clients, workloads and expectations of the MT, QA and support staff- so no more issues with losing files, tempers or sleep for me and my company- I have CardioScribes scripting my success story for me !”

“Among the things I enjoyed in my business dealings with CardioScribes is the proactive dedication to quality adherence; timely file deliveries, project tracking made available to us and enthusiastic customer service kept me coming back for more. Regular feedback from the QA staff, updates every day from this most professional, MT oriented company that I have worked with only makes me say: I recommend CardioScribes, without reservation, for any healthcare facility looking for a quality transcription company."

Here's how we turned around Cherie's story to be a winning one and ensured a happy, ‘hearty' ending to all such vendor issues. Any similarity you find in the passage that follows is purely coincidental and unintentional on our part - we are simply professional MT service providers that are doing our job- being the best is not our fault, it's our choice. Make us your preferred Cardio transcription services provider and avoid the mistakes below :

    (CardioScribes began transcribing for DHC in July 2006 and solved the following vendor issues that they had been facing)

  • Very poor customer support with no answers to phone calls for over 2 days and no scope for face-to-face contact.
  • The DHC executives were unable to listen to their audio files that the doctors dictated on telephone dictation system, as they had no access to this service.
  • The vendor was losing audio files.
  • There were major errors recorded in patient demographics and within documents submitted, for which, the vendor company did not ensure corrective measures.
  • Technologically unsound audio file transfer software did not match the robust quality needed for such specialized MT services as needed by the quality conscious IT team at DHC, headed by Brian and Ray. Additionally, the software kept failing on several occasions.
  • The DHC in-house medical transcriptionists, Barb and CB, were kept on hold indefinitely for urgent documents to be submitted and despite follow-ups, would at times have to content with very late delivery of the transcription files. Documents would arrive at 3 PM many a time, which meant their workload for towards the end of their day kept them neck-deep in tension-headaches.
  • Over-billing was another serious issue that DHC and Cherie were facing as the previous vendor made use of creative line count methods.

  • Mediscribes/CardioScribes has resolved ALL their issues and ensured the smiles don't stop there for our clients. We adhere to strict quality parameters for combining our success stories with that of our clients. Here's how we do it:

  • CardioScribes provides prompt and focused customer support, within minutes to clients and if additional guidance is needed, we visit them. Even without the client intimation for a customer support visit, CardioScribes meet up with clients every 2 nd month to ensure their smiles and complete satisfaction is in place.
  • CardioScribes extends access to clients so they have the ability to listen to all their audio files (including the files that their doctors dictate on the phone dictation system).
  • A complete success story with all audio files in place from the day of beginning the project, CardioScribes has not mis-placed a single audio file for DHC.
  • If DHC found a mistake or needed any changes to be incorporated, CardioScribes changed according to client needs to resolve matters in one shot. Absolute commitment to quality standards and Customer-centricity keeps us going - as does the boost to accuracy level, with CardioScribes recently averaging 99+% for the last 4 months! Thank you Team CardioScribes and Loyal Customers!
  • Brian, from the previously migraine-prone DHC (only due to earlier vendor issues) company calls the CardioScribes PD Manager “SCARY SLEEK” for superb functionality and consistent good results. In the initial installation stage, CardioScribes IT team would stay with them till late night to resolve all issues and the efficiency of our PD Manager can be judged by not even one instance of failure since last 10 months.
  • CardioScribes provides timely delivery of documents for greater client convenience and submits these the next morning. This includes high priority and regular files, including important study and ECHO files, which are integral for their day-plan management. Disciplined document delivery by CardioScribes thus, provides client with better time management practices in day to day functioning, raising productivity levels.
  • Substantial cost-savings of more than 15%, with stronger and more ethical line count method for billings used by CardioScribes that is transparent; we do not ever take recourse to creative and wrong methods to over bill clients.

And that's not all: we have included the testimonials given by the core team members of DHC, for whom CardioScribes penned a fine beginning to what we hope is a long standing business relationship. Read their stories-

Barbara (In-house transcriptionist for DHC)

A diligent and highly qualified transcriptionist herself, Barbara from DHC had very clear ideas about the quality and timely services needed for their company to stay ahead and having 24/7 access to all audio files was integral to the management of DHC. Here's her story of how CardioScribes made a difference:

“We already had over 18 providers, 5 location functionality and multiple dictation methods to cater to. It was next to impossible for us to manage this endless workflow. Moreover, we strongly felt the lack of being denied access to a very integral part of project tracking- that of being able to listen to the dictations that were done over the phone by our providers. We were completely at sea and our previous transcription vendor didn't do much to resolve the problem.

With CardioScribes, the pleasant twist in the tale came around - now we not only have 24/7 access to any and all files, but also are guaranteed timely completed files being handed in, every time. CardioScribes is a habit worth getting used to! No lost files, no more hassles - I sure am glad our practice chose change and CardioScribes to provide it .”

Of course, the story would be incomplete without taking a technology expert into account, since it is state-of-the-art computer systems and proprietary software used by CardioScribes to streamline administrative and clinical processes help us provide seamless communications between healthcare participants and our team of professionals.

Technology makes up the base for the highly customized cardio transcription solutions we offer: with compatible and integrated technology, we can be confident of always remaining a client-focused organization with a high degree of commitment that enables integration of our services with client's desirable operational and technical needs.

All our technology, including data storage and security systems, is designed to seamlessly integrate with virtually all health information, EMR and dictation systems. Additionally, our software development department provides customized solutions to our clients based on their technical requirement. Here's what tech-talker, Brian ( IT Director at DHC) had to say:

“Mediscribes/CardioScribes is one rocking organization! Their PD manager is “Scary Sleek,” and believe me, from one who knows his fears well, this great solution for IT support works just as fine as any I've known. I love and hate it - the first, because it really is GOOOOOD; second, because that doesn't leave much scope for me to do my thing: My support from the IT front has gone from 2 hours per week to zilch! Now, what does that say for their PD manager, if not fantastic! 24/7 assured customer support in IT and a seamlessly integrated transcription system put in place by a vendor who knows what he's doing and just how to do it - that's what these guys are all about. With CardioScribes, you stay on track - the IT track - all the way. You guys really rock!”