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Welcome to the CardioScribes website, providers of the very best web based electronic medical transcription service for hospitals, clinics, individual and group practices and rehabilitation centers. Our state of-the-art computer systems and customized- proprietary- software streamlines administrative processes and clinical processes. We take great care to ensure undisrupted communications between healthcare service providers. The efficient services of CardioScribes enable healthcare professionals to make prompt, optimal informed decisions that ensure highest quality patient care at a very low cost. 

CardioScribes adherence to Six Sigma principles ensures that only the highest quality transcriptions are delivered to you. Robust quality management system and complete Customer centricity are the buzzwords for our business. CardioScribes offers clients customized solutions with compatible and integrated technology. Added to this is our high degree of commitment to quality and personalized customer service, which is strictly enforced to enable integration of our services with client's individual operational and technical needs. By keeping ourselves abreast of technological advancements, on an ongoing basis, we keep our clients updated with the necessary information and steps taken by us to improve services and support systems.

1. Web Help Desk
2. Telephone Dictation System
3. Security
4. Software Infrastructure

Web help desk :

I thought we agreed to remove SMS/MESSAGING SERVICES?  Please revise ASAP

Taking note of our client's need to be in constant touch with us, we offer 24X7 customer support through email, phone, Instant Messaging (YAHOO AND AOL) and Short Messaging Service (SMS). These features showcase our commitment of accessible and personalized service to our valued clients. Your suggestions are welcome to further improve communication channels for better customer support.


Telephone Dictation System:

  • Two robust telephone dictation systems are located at two separate locations for disaster recovery with local and toll free phone numbers in call hunting mode.
  • Phone services provided by Sigecom, AT&T and BellSouth to ensure lines are always available from different providers.



  • Juniper firewall devices with AV, DI and WF subscription
  • TrendMicro AV installed on each server and PC
  • 128 bit data encryption during data transfer

Software Infrastructure:

  • Customized transcription management software based on Windows platform
  • All Servers have Windows 2003 Server as operating system
  • PCs run on Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000 Pro, or Windows Vista
  • Database used is Microsoft SQL 2000 Server