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Case Studies

Customer's Success

Cardioscribes is pleased to share the following success stories from its customers…

Case Studies

East Tennessee Heart Center

This practice adopted cardioscribes solutions to easily integrate with EMR, seamless lab credentials, real time workflow monitoring & tracking and overall improved transcription productivity.

Mid Carolina Cardiology

Cardioscribes solutions helped MCC one of the largest cardiovascular group to dramatically improve transcription turnaround time and reduce costs.

Missouri Heart Center

Missouri Heart center achieved cost savings $50k per year and improved transcription productivity with cardioscribes solutions.

Ohio Heart & Vascular Center

At this facility, cardioscribes solutions bring very smooth transition, cost savings, data security and optimized transcription productivity.

The Dayton Heart Center

Cardioscribes solutions enable this practice to better manage document workflow and transcription reducing costs while increasing overall operational efficiency.