We are one of the leading high-quality transcription services providers and a one-stop shop for all the cardiology related medical transcription services.

Our 6+ years of service delivery and consistent delivery of results has enabled us to grow and retain our customer base. A consistent 98.5 rate of accuracy proves ‘CardioScribes’ expertise on turf of medical transcription with 6+ years of services and perfection enables CardioScribes to retain its consistently growing and recurring clientele. 


An in-house team of dedicated, trained and highly qualified cardio-transcriptionists at CardioScribes specializes in providing web-based electronic medical transcription services to hospitals, clinics, solo and group practices, and rehab centers. 

  • WE DELIVER - Accuracy with stringent HIPAA compliance, adherence to Six Sigma quality principles in all aspects of cardio-transcription, 24x7 access to our transcriptionists and an eager, helpful customer service team. We provide a firm assurance of value for your money, strict adherence to tight deadlines and completely reliable TAT (Turn-Around Time).

  • OUR FOCUS - Medical science made great strides and consists of a vast and diverse range of specializations. CardioScribes has been set up to specifically focus on transcription activities pertaining to cardiology. Our transcriptionists receive focused training in cardiology related subjects, so what you get is accurate high quality cardio-transcriptions.

  • OUR GOAL - is to provide consistent high quality and, cost-effective business solutions for cardiology practices that build long-term relationships with clients. Relationships based on trust, integrity and a profitable win-win approach.